to the Homepage of the joint project SPACES2 'South Africa Land Degradation Monitor (SALDi)'. The project develops new approaches for the spatially explicit detection of land degradation in South Africa. The project is funded by the BMBF.
Image: J. Baade/FSU 2010

SALDi: Public relations and reports

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Massive Zerschneidung landwirtschaftlicher Flächen durch Tiefenlinienerosion
Loss of land and soil erosion in view
FSU Jena press release on the start of the project
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Dec. 2018: 4th South African Global Change Conference (external)
Press Release of the DLR Project Management Organisation 2019-01-

SALDi Publications

In the course of the project, the publications published within the framework of SALDi will appear here. Show content

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Report about SALDi in Quest magazine (2019) Show content

The South African science magazine Quest, published by the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAF), reports in a feature about the SALDi project in its issue 2019 (15/2) starting on page 20. Since the link to the journal (see below) only refers to a download, we provide the article directly here.  [pdf 525KB]

Baade et al. (2019) Summary (extended abstract) Show content

This link allows access to the extended abstract [pdf 227KB] submitted to the proceedings of the 4th National Global Change Conference in Polokwane, South Africa, in December 2019.

SALDi is one of the terrestrial SPACES (Research Partnerships for the Adaptation of Complex Processes in the Earth System in the Southern African Region) collaborative projects funded by the BMBF via the DLR project management agency. Our project partners are:

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@ Thünen Institut
@ Uni Potsdam
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@ Uni Jena

SALDi Coordinator's Contact

Jussi Baade, PD Dr
SALDi Koordinator
Portrait Dr. J. Baade
+49 3641 9-48803
+49 3641 9-48812
Room 206
Löbdergraben 32
07743 Jena
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